Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse

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It isn’t hard to find the Hollywood pattern. When something is successful once or twice, you market it by adding it to some angle. Vampires selling tickets? Its not long before you end up with vampire comedies, vampire romances, vampire action. Somewhere deep inside some former meth lab dungeon is a movie concept generator that takes a popular element, slaps on a random but specific slice of real life, then adds a style. Vampires, in the old west, plus found footage. When you look at the method like an equation it actually isn’t surprising that the zombie train would eventually stop here. Zombies, Boy Scouts, plus coming of age comedy.

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Chris Landon is the Director off of his fame as screenwriter for the popular Paranormal Activities movies. After the weak Paranormal Activities sequel The Marked Ones, and Burning Palms this is his third Director credit. The trailer suggests a simple plot teaming three outcast scouts with a cocktail waitress to save a small town from zombies.

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The three scouts immediately fit into the common buddy comedy character archetypes, the good guy, the obnoxious/sex obsessed guy, and the dorky guy and that sets this movie out of the gate on a path for simple and predictable. The overly goofy zombie gore doesn’t do much to separate this movie from the B movies lining the bottom of the Netflix bin.

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This one looks like it could be a few merit badges short of an Eagle Scout. But there is a lot of room for potential. The right tone and chemistry could pull it up to the lofty heights of Zombieland and maybe even give us a new sub genre. As a close friend of an Eagle Scout, i know this one will definitely be talked about.

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