On Women Who Validate Themselves Through Sex

508854180_1280x720                                                        Colby Minifie as Tess


Naked Crusaders will be talking with the Writer/Director of the short film On Women Who Validate Themselves Through Sex, Pamela Wess. Her film has won a few awards including the Iron Mule Comedy Festival Audience Award and we are pretty excited to chat with her. Check out her short and tell us what you think.



2 thoughts on “On Women Who Validate Themselves Through Sex

  • pretty good. Reminded me of Airplane towards the end. But instead of everyone lined up to hit the hysterical woman they were all lined up…well…to hit the hysterical woman. Maybe not so much the hysterical part. At least not overtly. But I’d bet when she’s not feeding that hole inside her with sex she’s a pretty good drama queen. But of course few of us don’t look for and feel validation from the interest of whatever gender we’re drawn to.

    And I wonder if the guys lined up are validating themselves any less?

    • As far as the guys, there could be a series of sequels about guys not only validating themselves but using women with sex. But its a big spiral that pulls in all genders. I love your Airplane bit though. That was funny.

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