Leonard Nimoy


The human race, Vulcans, Jews, the Federation, Starfleet, photographers, Lord of the Rings and Fringe fans, friends of piece with the Klingons and the universe at large lost an icon yesterday. Some of us at Naked Crusaders were signed in to Star Trek Online and stood en masse in solidarity for Leonard Nimoy yesterday on Vulcan so this post comes a day late. But suffice it to say he will be missed.



Of course there is the character of Spock that the world over remembers him for. You don’t have to be a Star Trek fan to know the character inspired generations of scientists and logical thinkers as well as inspiration from the actor’s work behind the scenes. Star Trek is what it is today in no small part from his immeasurable contributions.

But today, those of us want to remember Leonard Nimoy not as a Starfleet Officer, Vulcan or musician. Instead we want to bring you back to his role in the Bruno Mars video for ‘Lazy Song’. This song reminds us that there is more to him than Star Trek and that the world lost more than a character from a science fiction show from the 60’s.

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