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Talk. Review. Write. Shoot. Edit. Produce.
Come to us if you ever wanted to talk about movies, see some original work, or make your own.

Naked Crusaders Productions was born when two best friends sat in their car on a rainy night after seeing a movie and decided they wanted to make their own. But it didn't stop there. We pulled together equipment and started to provide videography for others. We shoot on a canon XL2 but have the ability to shoot with other formats. Lights and rigs for movement are all things we can provide with a very mobile studio. Naked Crusaders uses Adobe Creative Suites; we edit on Premiere Pro and create original motion graphics on After Effects. In post production we can author to DVD in Encore or we can help you to upload to the web with original YouTube channels, or direct uploading to Facebook. But you can visit the site if all you need is an update on film news from our blog and some original content from our YouTube channel.


The Collective Heads of Knuckle

We happy few trying to save the universe
Chief cook and bottle washer. Primarily i am the cinematographer, editor and co-producer. I have been maintaining the website as well as our YouTube channel.
I have been keeping up the website as well as our new YouTube channel in-between every day moments with my awesome wife and two kids, Harleigh and Schuyler.
Producer and the keeper of the morale. Sean’s vast collection of family friends and acquaintances provide a source of regular talent. He has also been the job wrangler of late.
Sean has loved movies at least as long as Brandon and has always had a critical eye. He, like Brandon pushes Naked Crusaders forward while navigating life with his wife and daughter.
Omniscient Being
The de facto Executive Producer. He is in charge of what little money we have and is the lead creative input for the only on going project we have.
Omniscient Being is the alter ego of one third of the Naked Crusaders team and the name of one of our projects he created. He is a timeless traveler, observer and connoisseur of the universe.


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